Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Daily Doubles in Full Effect & *BRAIN HUG* - This Song Reminds Me Of...

Marathon Monday -- Always an inspiring kick in the booty if there ever was one.  I "watched" several friends dominate the course, despite not-so-fancy weather conditions.  I nearly started crying watching the video feed (thank God for prep periods...bwahahahaha!) of the elite finishers.

Earlier in the morning (like 5:00am earlier), I hit the pool for a swim.  It's a good thing it was a "hair washing" day (I have incredibly thick hair -- it's a workout in itself just to wash it, so I do that chore about three times a week).  A 1500 yard swim to start my Monday felt pretty good.

People post the most encouraging words some days, especially big race days.  This was posted on Andrea Duke's Facebook page.

Side note:  THIS.

My lunch = full of yumminess!  I scarfed this down shortly after being told by several eighth graders that it "looked TOO healthy".  I swear, I didn't teach them to think that way.;)

The rest of my school day went by quickly.  I was inspired by the runners and decided to change up my curriculum and show the older kiddos some running documentaries and talk about that type of physical fitness.  They weren't too bored.:)

I got home, hit up the grocery store for a few things we need for the week, and had a snack.

Then hit up the trainer for a spin workout.  I'm happy that I made the decision to keep Quistis (my road bike), since I don't have a skewer to fit Lola (new tri bike) on the trainer I currently own.  Also, she'll be great for leisurely rides.

Harry walked through the front door when I was about 30 minutes into my workout.  He gave me a smooch and insisted that he make dinner.  I love it when he insists.

Do you ever hear a song grace your speakers or headphones, and you can't help but think of one specific movie or TV show reference?  I've been reminded of a few recently.

"Wake Me Up Before You Go Go"


"Everybody Dance Now"

"Night Moves"

"In the Air Tonight"

"Take On Me"

Too many to count from Dirty Dancing.

TELL ME some tunes and what they remind you of!


  1. hahahahhaha there was a throwback song on a mix that I heard today that reminded me of Scrubs and Turk dancing. Pretty much any early 90s rap song does that!

  2. Yes, love that scene from Zoolander! "Orange mocha Frappucino!" The best. I was busy Monday morning so I didn't get to follow the marathon too closely, just followed along on Twitter. Love Marathon Monday because distance running actually makes the news. It's like the best day ever for runners. ;)


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