Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Who Do You Love? & #WIAW!

Well Happy Wednesday there, Friend!  I hope that your week is SO AWESOME so far!

I did something new yesterday after my run --> Post-Run Power Exercises.

Candid:  My phone fell over, thanks to the 30 MPH wind gusts.

3 x 10-15 of each:

Prisoner Squats
Step-Ups (each leg)
Jumping Lunges

Also, I managed to not get pinched by a Leprechaun, since I wasn't wearing any green (during the run, that is!).

Some much needed visiting with Harry's Aunt and Uncle after work.  My t-shirt says "Lucky", in case you were wondering.  o.O

Onto #WIAW.

Snacks galore!  My delicious granola cereal from TJs, my beautiful salad (can I stop talking about salads already?!), and my Reuben sammich from dinner last night.  I definitely ate the whole thing.  Sorry, not sorry.

Today I wanna talk about motivation by way of others.  These lives touch mine on a daily basis, and I am always happy to see what they're up to.  Social media has seriously given motivation and inspiration a step up, and it's ours to take advantage of (in the most sincerest form).

I stalk follow so many professional and elite athletes in so many places, from so many walks/runs.  From NBA players to Triathletes, I love the insight provided by athletes from all over.  I look to them for inspiration, for motivation, for giggles, and for the sense of resemblance that we all crave from each others' athleticism.  I love knowing their struggles are *like* mine.  I love seeing how *normal*(for lack of a better word) they are.  Their training, pictures and videos they post, and words of encouragement can pull me out of the roughest rut!  They're Superheroes to me.:)

Lolo Jones
She makes me laugh, she makes me cry (in a good way), and she encourages me to get closer to God every single day.

Kara Goucher
Mommy, Olympic Marathoner, role model to the masses!

Andrea Duke
I consider myself one of the luckiest people on the planet to know this lady.  She exudes confidence, trains hard, works hard, and does it all while running a fitness and soccer/sports center for kids, not to mention being a Mommy.  She's the best!

Chrissie Wellington
Need I say more?


Who do you follow?  Who do you LOVE?  

Did you celebrate St. Paddy's yesterday?

On that note:  Is it St. Paddy's, or St. Patty's?


  1. The question was who do you love and I already knew that answer, you ninny : YOU

  2. I'm a big proponent of snacks also. I love all the colors in yours. Bell peppers for the win.

    1. B-Peps are definitely something I could eat in every meal.

  3. Oh em gee, cookie butter. <3

    I need to go look up/follow Chrissie Wellington! :O :O

    1. She has to be one of my most favorite athletes of all time!


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