Friday, March 6, 2015

How to turn your day right around.

Let's start off our Friday with some fine, fantastic, friendly, fabulous faves!

Also, alliteration is funsies.

My peeps at the Dunkin' Donuts next to my apartment are the  They know exactly how to make me smile every daggone day.  A little bit of me is sad when I don't get to see them on mornings when I don't train at home, and therefore pick up coffee elsewhere (where they don't know my name).  This DD is like my very own "Cheers".

Fave new tune!  

Favorite lunch of this week.  Seriously!

Before you ask:  No, Wholly Guacamole is not paying me.  I just L-O-V-E this stuff.  Also, this might be my new favorite afternoon snack.

Not a favorite, but a necessity at this point.  I've been feeling so very yucky for the past week, waking up with major ("SEVERE") congestion, and yuckies in my throat and chest.  Just BOO.  Maybe I just needed the rest, so I'm taking more of it.

However, I should've just waited for Handsome Harry's Habanero (what he's going to shorten to "Triple H", no, not like the wrestler) Chili.  Boy howdy, are my sinuses cleared out!

If you haven't noticed, this past week has been sort of a bear for me.  After spending some time questioning, wondering, praying, and being slightly irked, and also kinda klutzy, I reached a point where I didn't want to know or analyze it any longer.

This was that point:

 No, I didn't Hulk Smash it.  I noticed that one of the containers was stuck on something and I couldn't open the drawer, and when I got the container *unstuck*, the whole shelf went KABOOM!  I chuckled at first, then laughed even more audibly.  I was running late, I had prioritized my morning all sorts of wonky, and to top it all off, I was feeling a tender spot on my left lower shin (we'll soon see what's going on there).  This was just the cherry on top.  I went to take a shower, and this song came over my Pandora:

I gave myself until the end of this song to be sad, mad, (smad?), in a rut, peeved, irked, lost, whatever it was, and then I was going to be on my merry way in life.  I thought about all of the things that were kind of bothering me, and firmly decided that I was going to emotionally, physically, and mentally prioritize them.  And when that song was over, so was my wonderment.

Am I saying that this will cure you of your horrible mood?  No.  I'm saying that setting a limit on your emotions, allowing yourself to feel them, but putting your foot down at some point and saying "I'm ready to move on from this" has helped me numerous times.  I don't get overwhelmed all that often.  I know for sure that I do when I forget to say "no" -- most of me thinks that all of us do this.

The reality is that we sometimes get to *that point*, and it's okay, as long as you know how to get yourself out of your funk.  A friend of mine once gave me a scenario (where he was actually making an analogy for Taoism) where you step in dog poo.  You have two choices:  You can wipe it off and move on, or you can let it sit there and stink up your life.  It makes me feel like such a big kid when I can recognize that I'm going through life with poo on my shoe, and can almost immediately get myself into the process of wiping it off and moving on.  My process includes the above, where I acknowledge that I'm feeling a certain way, and allowing it to happen, on my own terms.

Give it a try some time.  Though I hope you don't get to the point where your Tupperware containers are scattered all over your pantry floor.:)
Here's your daily *Brain Hug*!

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What do you do when you get to *that point*?  What's your process like?

Is anyone going on a trip soon?  Please tell me where!


  1. I love that you are BFFs with your DD. (which could also be construed as your designated driver, also not a bad thing). I think the ultimate way to turn around a bad day is just to get your catharsis on and LET IT THE F OUT. I always feel better after.

  2. hahahaha, it totally looks like you Hulk-smashed your shelf. :x I'm totally with you on allowing myself to feel said negative emotions, but putting a limit to how much/how long I'm allowed to feel that way! It makes all the difference!


  3. Oh boy do I have days like those! I think what you said is true. If I don't tell myself to stop that sour mood will just continue all day. Sometimes a good run helps too! Or a nap! Haha

  4. Awww bummer! We've all been there! Love that DD knows your name though. Very cool!

  5. It's seriously the best when you love your nearby coffee shop people! They can really make your day!

    Happy weekend to you!


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