Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Snapshots: Running On Happy

My weekend started off pretty awesome.  Harry and I head out to the suburbs to watch Sophia at her Karate sparring class.  She's testing for her black belt this year, only a few short months after turning 8 years old.  Yeah, she's kind of a big deal.  She really kicks butt!

Harry took me out for some BBQ after we said our goodbyes to Sophs.  Mmmmmm...deee-lish.

 Saturday morning brought a semi-long run.  My training has been so inconsistent, and I have real races coming up!  While I've been hitting 10-12 milers recently, I've decided to back it down and start "fresh" for the Carmel Half Marathon.  The sidewalks were about 90% shoveled and clean; the other 10% were made up of ice and melting slush.  Kinda not safe.  You kinda learn how to get your "ice legs" back at some point, though.

Fearless Leader Greg and Solemate Steph got engaged last December, and their beautiful friend Kate threw them an engagement party at a local brewery, Lagunitas.  Some of our fellow /R/iver /R/unners were there, as well!

300, 000+ square feet of brewing awesomeness!

After a couple of brews, Harry and I head home to meet up with our buddies, Adam and Terri, and hit up a new spot around the corner from our apartment.  Community Tavern brings some very lovely and most welcome ambiance to our neighborhood.

We absolutely LOVED the food!  All four of our plates were practically licked clean.

 Sunday morning.  *le deep breath*  What a beautiful, snowy run.

Crescent Moon Snowman?


This seemed hilarious to me.  With some really fantastic downtime, Harry and I were multi-tasking like crazy.  Harry had two soccer games going, I was browsing, all whilst watching "The Simpsons".

And finally, dinner.  Turkey burgers and sweet potato fries, and FINALLY...FINALLY...Red Velvet Oreos!

Thanks to Her Heartland Soul for the Weekend Snapshot link-up!


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