Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Eyes Look Bluer

It's so hard to get in the (indoor) pool when it's this cold out.  But I did it!

Reluctantly.  But I did.  Also, my swim cap from my first tri six years ago.  <3

Mondays are tough, and swimming makes me ravenous, but I found some Valentine's Day candy that I hid from myself in my office.  Take THAT, Monday!

Tough work today.  Lemme tell ya'.  It's exhausting being me. *le snicker*

At least they're VERY impressed with my mad jump rope skills.

Sweet potato and turkey burger salad = the cat's pajamas.  +Rudy's BBQ sauce.  I'm out of the regular sauce, and had the Sissy Sause leftover.  Texas friends:  Send me some?:)

Harry and I went to Costco on Sunday, and apparently I was really hungry.  I don't usually purchase produce there, since it's such huge amounts that even I think I can't finish (I'm hungry all of the time, so you'd think it'd be possible!), but I wanted apples.  Ohhhhh, big, delicious, Gala apples!

I sort of went on a sale rampage yesterday at Target.  I found this (actually purple) headband (FOR FIVE DOLLARS!!!!!!!!), and it makes my eyes P-O-P.  I guess it helps that my skin is fair as can be, but I gotta say -----> I'm going back for more colors of this headband.

Also, I'm in the market for a good self tanner. HELP!

DID YOU SEE THIS?!  I have a really hard time finding things to read.  This seems pretty legit.

Find the Perfect Fiction Book to Read with This Massive Genre Poster

Harry has such a huge heart (also, alliteration is fun).  Of course, I passed out around 9:15pm Sunday evening, so I missed some things from the Oscars, including John Legend and Common's performance and acceptance speech.  Harry mentioned that it was one of his favorite moments of the evening and wanted me to see it.

And?  We're out of Red Velvet Oreos.:(

Reading anything lately?  SHARE, please!

Self Tanner -- Got a good suggestion for me?  Both FACE and BODY!

QUICK:  Favorite BBQ sauce?
-RUDY'S!  The Worst BBQ in Texas!


  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAallllllllllllllll the bbq sauce. Sad face at being out of RVO's. And I would never be able to convince myself to get in the pool at those temps. I can hardly do that when it is hot as blazes because I get so cold so quickly!

  2. "Everything I Never Told You" is probably the best book I've read in recent months. It was the Amazon Editors Top pick for 2014 and SO hard to put down.

  3. I'm so sad -- I don't use BBQ sauce anymore. But your headband definitely brings out the color of your eyes. Good call. And I just finished two books -- Sarah's Key and Eleanor & Park. Both awesome.


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