Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cross-Training -- P.E. Style, and the Switch Drill

Here's how to start your cold, Chicago winter day:

Oh, good morning, running buddy-bunny.  I've seen this bunny three times this week, and I'm convinced that he just loves running with me.

Maybe he loves that I stop to take his picture?


I love being a P.E. teacher and Wellness Champion for my school.  I get to go to some really awesome events, including conferences geared toward helping the inclusion of parents and school administration for the health and wellness relations of our students.  I got super inspired to start working on some projects with my Wellness Team.

My enormous lunch.  Spoiler alert:  I didn't eat all of it.  Sweet potato with some grass-fed cow beef, Wholly Guacamole, and an enormous salad.  The other teachers in the lounge just stared at me.  :\  I don't know what to say -- I'm southern.  I smoosh all my food together.

 This past week kicked my booty in my OWN P.E. classes.  My students get their "Fun Friday" if their class gets a star each week, which means I get to play basketball and soccer with them.:)  They deserved it after I did this to them on Wednesday.

I got home and found  parking spot (YAAAAAY -- I was sure that my face would freeze off if I had to walk farther than a block today!), and got myself a snack.  I'm not sure why I added some whole wheat waffles to my normal apple slices with vanilla Greek yogurt, but I did.  So there.

After enjoying some downtime, Harry arrived home.  Chicken fried rice was on the agenda for dinner...from the TJs!

Pro tip:  Use Sesame Oil when cooking this!:)

Harry's Mom had dropped off some dessert for us the other night.<3

Harry and I watched a movie, and I quickly crashed.  With two days off from work, I was exhausted...apparently...?
For some Freestyle form love...!

Just like in running, you "get to do" drills in swimming.  I'm all about my kicking drills and a variety of drag and form drills after a warm-up, and before my main sets in the pool.  Not only does this help your muscles and joints gain more mobility and help with your stroke, but it also mixes things up, which helps alleviate boredom.

Happy Weekend, Friends!
Do you encounter any running creatures while training?
-I'm definitely used to skunks, deer, horses, and even a small peacock that lived near my trails when I lived in San Antonio.  Now, it's just bunnies and rats.

Do you smoosh your food together?  Or are you one of those weirdos people whose food can't touch?

Swim drills:  Do you do them?


  1. Running creatures: pack of wolves, mountain lion, rabbits, foxes, rattlesnakes, and giant tortoise who was left by someone. I have come face to face with a deer and an aggressive male deer who was protecting his family....of course,I didn't know at the exact moment....but it is colorado.

    Swim drills are an absolute must and should be done as part of a warm up to help reinforce good form before fast sets.

  2. We don't have a lot of wildlife in the UK, but I'm fortunate to live close to the New Forest where there are loads of wild horses and donkeys, plus a few scary wild boar. I sometimes see deer when I'm out running in the countryside and if I'm cycling at night I often see foxes... but mostly it's just neighbourhood cats :-)


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