Thursday, January 1, 2015

Thinking Out Loud in 2015

Hooray for the first #ThinkingOutLoud of 2015!  Thanks to Amanda for the link-up!


1.  Raise your hand if you're "cleaning up your diet" this year.  I can't speak for all runners (and some endurance athletes), but I really enjoy the frick out of food.  I do have a few food goals, including enjoying two fruits a day, and three side or main dish veggies (DOES NOT INCLUDE PIZZA, DANGIT) per day.

2.  Sometimes I think that I'm too immature for my own good.  I didn't see a "Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Pop" here.  What do you see?

3.  My Mom continues to amaze me.  She has been afraid of heights for a long time, but has been the most adventurous person I've ever known for most of her life.  HOWEVER, I've noticed that the older she gets, the more convincing it takes to get her to do things that she might have scoffed at in her earlier years.  Yeah, she's a bit more afraid of heights now, but that still doesn't stop her.  During her visit, Harry and I took her to Navy Pier, where we got on the Ferris Wheel...that goes reaaaaaaaally high.

This picture cracks me up.  She was TOTALLY anxious at this point (the top of the wheel), and I said "SMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILE!".

4.  (Later) I love my city.  Listen, I know I'm not the first person to move somewhere new after living their (almost) entire life in another place.  However, I also know that I've never felt as great, cozy, warm-happy, giddy, and at-home anywhere else in my entire life.:)

5.  Words move me more lately.  Is it the new year?  Is it fact that I'm finally feeling like I'm coming into my own?  I'm not sure what, but when people put them in the right order, they strike me.

6.  The sun has been bright and shiny this past week!  I'm convinced that it's the only thing that kept my face from freezing off completely during yesterday's run (10*F, "feel like -5*F).

7.  My new favorite thing is my Christmas present from Harry:  Jaybird Bluebuds X.  <3  Also, layers.  And layers.  And layers.

8.  Mine and Harry's last meal of 2014 was dang delish.  I could forever eat everything at TJ's.

9.  And speaking of food...

10.  But on the encouraging side...!

Harry and I are off to run the NYD5K.  I'm totally doubling up on socks this time.  Black-eyed peas are going in the slow-cooker -- MANDATORY TRADITION!

Do you have a New Year's tradition?

Name one amazing thing from your 2014!

Name one amazing thing you're looking forward to in 2015!


  1. Sometimes I think the creators of things like chocolate dipped marshmallow pops do stuff like that just for a good laugh. I really hope you bought one! It would make the perfect Dirty Santa gift :)

  2. I'm also loving Chicago as I settle in. I've only been here about 2 months, but so far I have had some great opportunities. I can't believe you ran outside yesterday though! It was so cold and I thought my hands were going to fall off. Guess I have to man up for the coming winter...

    In 2015 I want to run the Chicagoland Half Marathon Series, so Im keeping my fingers crossed that there are no injuries!!

  3. Was #2 put as #2 for a reason? I think you did that on purpose. Totally looks like Mr Hankey from South Park though.

    1. While I am shocked and startled at my oversight, Harry tells me to own it. Therefore, I TOTES DID THAT ON PURPOSE!

  4. I'm looking forward to meeting you!
    And ahahahhahhahahahah to Eric's comment.

  5. Congrats on the ambassadorship! And I agree - TJ's is always great :)


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