Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Peppermint Hot Chocolate.

Can you think of a more lovely title for a post?  Yeah, me neither.

First workout in a week in a half = spinning.  I wanted to run, but I needed something a bit less intensive.  Mondays are usually reserved for spin class anyway, so it worked out very well.  Luckily, the instructor said that we were working on long periods of exercises, rather than intervals.  45 minutes done!

After a (Monday), I was so excited and looking forward to my new favorite thing:  Getting a facial.  I got my very first one a couple of months ago, and I absolutely LOVE how soothing and relaxing it is.

I just touched my face again to feel how soft it is.  I'm so obsessed with it.

I got home and Harry was making dinner.  Bless him.  How spoiled pampered am I on this day?  After our delicious pasta and an episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", we enjoyed a wondrous cup of hot chocolate.  THIS hot chocolate!  Nom nom nom!  Three tablespoons + 3/4 cup water or milk = a perfect ending for the day.

My hot chocolate MUST have whipped cream on top of it.  MUST.

The TJ's peppermint hot chocolate was fine, but we were low on milk, so we made it with water.  I'm sure that it would've been much tastier (creamier) with milk.  Nevertheless, it hit the spot.

One more episode of "It's Always Sunny...", and I was ready for bed...EXCITED to go to bed!  You see, I had an idea the other day.  I have a small heating blanket -- a throw, if you will.  With the nights (and this apartment) getting so cold, I dread jumping into our chilly bed...the sheets feel like ice!  (Not really, but they're dang frio, for sure.)  I positioned the heated throw under the fitted sheet on the bed, and cranked that bad boy up to the highest heat setting about an hour before going to bed.

I'm convinced that I'm the smartest person alive.

Thanks to Sara @ Lake Shore Runner for the #TriedItTuesday linkup!


In other news, I got THIS in the mail!  I'm going to try it out right now.:)

And this, for your Tuesday, friends.

Let's talk hot chocolate:  What's your favorite kind?

MUST HAVE toppings for your hot chocolate?
-You already know my MUST.

Have you ever tried FlipBelt?  How'd you like it?


  1. I have never had a facial, I think I need to try it out!

    I haven't had hot chocolate in awhile but I think one of my favorites toppings is the little marshmallows :) Thanks for linking up! Can't wait to hear more about the FlipBelt. I have heard good things.

  2. I LOVE the FlipBelt! I bought one a couple of years ago after trying so many belts for marathon training and it was awesome. Now I'm preggo it's not working, so I miss it!

  3. mmmm peppermint SCHNAPPS Hot chocolate :D
    I'm pumped to try out my FlipBelt too! Glad you are back in fighting action

    1. What.Did.You.Just.Do. Adding the Schnapps kinda makes it...funner...

  4. Mmm..hot chocolate. YUM! I got my flip belt in the mail too- now I just need to try it out! Hoping to get outside for a run on Saturday as long as we don't experience a massive snow storm or something :)

  5. I prefer my drink as a cup of whipped cream with a little hot chocolate. :)

  6. Love hot chocolate and a cozy fires this time of year. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the belt. I'm hosting a Whole Foods Market Giveaway on the blog hope you can join the fun. (http://icecreamandfrenchfries.blogspot.com/)

  7. Yayy for hot chocolate! I don't actually really ever top it with anything, unless you count the occasional marshmallow(s)? :O I need to make some for this weekend. <3

  8. Oooooh so jealous of your TJ's hot chocolate! We don't have one in Anchorage and I miss it so much! I've been drinking lots of peppermint mochas from Starbucks instead :)

    1. Pro tip: Throw a peppermint stick in your hot chocolate and let it melt for a bit.:)


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