Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#WIAW, I'M FREEZING, and Happy-Randoms.

You guys know that I post my food, alllllllllllllll the time.  But thanks to this lass, whom as of today has hosted 200 WIAWs, I can throw it all into one block of noms and share it with SO many people!

Fall into Good Habits: WIAW
My Tuesday:

When I got home, I had a craving for something warm to eat.  I usually nom on an apple and yogurt, but it's so cold out, I couldn't bear eating something cold.  Two of my Trader Joe's whole grain waffles and Cookie Butter did the trick!  Also, that is not deliberate product placement of the Kleenexes.  Promise.

Harry and I hit up the Costco last night.  Those chocolate-covered Macadamias didn't stand a chance.  We actually ate several ON OUR WAY to dinner (the steak tacos...nommmmm).

In fact, they barely made it out of the store.

Sometimes it takes everything in you to convince yourself to do something.  I.e. -7*F didn't sound all that fantastic, but I still head out into the dark, quiet cold.

When this plays and I'm stepping out the door for a run.  Oh My Gooses.

Bundled, and a layer under this one.  I had a long-sleeve compression top on, plus my ear-warmer, gloves with wind mittens, and two layers on my legs.  Needless to say, my face hurt, running into ~22 MPH wind.

IT'S SO COLD IN MY OFFICE.  My P.E. gym office!  I wore my hat and hoodie all day long yesterday.  Three of my classes were working on their FITNESSGRAM and PACER tests; I was jelly that they got to run and work out.  I'm sure they would've traded places with me in a heartbeat.

I found this in the teachers' lounge.  PER---FECT.

Oh, Kohl's!  You can share your points with me all day long.  I'm sort of serious.:)

Inspiration and motivation:  They can be found in the coolest of photos.

Ummm...LOVE this girl!

ONE QUESTION:  Favorite type of sandwich?
-If I seriously had to choose...seriously...ugh...turkey Ruben...specifically from Which Wich, which (hah) they have maybe two of in Chicago.  Guess what I'm getting when we go to Dallas next week?:)


  1. Favorite type of sandwich? Ah that's a tough one. Let's see here.... homemade oat bread with an egg, turkey deli meat, spinach, provolone cheese, bell peppers, cucumbers, pickles, tomatoes, shaved carrots, oregano seasoning, pepper seasoning, and some parmesan cheese. That sounds pretty good right about now.

  2. Just pick one?? That is hard. I love a Reuben too but corn beef. I have never been to which which but one just opened in my hometown. Maybe I will have to go while I am home over Thanksgiving.

    I also love turkey, avocado, Swiss, and tomato grilled. No spread needed when you have the avocado and swiss!

  3. Mmmmmm turkey reuben. And that goldfish picture. I am not going to speak of the weather.

  4. I miss summer. :[ I also haven't had chocolate-covered macadamia nuts in forever! (They remind me of Hawai'i. <3 )

    Favorite sandwich...smoked salmon with pesto + a fried egg...and probably some cucumber + tomatoes too. <3

    That goldfish costume is adorable! I want a shark costume for my cat, haha.

  5. What in the world?! -7?! You ran? Outside? My hero! My sandwich? Hmm. Something hot and empty like a mozzarella tomato pesto prosciutto panini. Yum!

  6. My favorite sandwich? Grilled cheese with bacon. And I dip it into Heinz 57, because I'm weird.

    1. Dipping a delicious sammich in Ketchup is never wrong.

      And if it is, I don't wanna be right.


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