Monday, November 10, 2014

It's Coming...! And So Much Random.

Who pissed off Elsa?

This is what we have to look forward to this week.  Let me make myself perfectly clear:  I'm not complaining!  I love, love, love the cold...I love the snow!  It just comes more suddenly than I'm used to, is all.:)  What's bad is that it isn't even THAT bad.

I have spent just the one winter here in Chicago.  I can't really count and weigh against it, since it was one of the worst winters Chicago had ever seen ("Shy-BEER-ia").  What I can gather, though, is that winter comes strutting in quickly and quietly in the night.

Harry text me last night around 6:00pm, letting me know that he was just then on his way home.  While he was planning on making his blackened shrimp pasta (AGAIN), I decided to give the Kid a break and order up some sushi.  Harry opted to pair it with a wasabi beer!

Mmmmm...the soosh...<3

Here's a video on winter training gear.  This will be pretty important pretty darn soon.  I will do anything to avoid being stuck inside on the treadmill, so bundling up is the way to go for me.  While it does eventually get cold in Texas during winter (the lowest it may get is in the 20s or 30s), that's just a walk in the park here.  I used to wear sweatshirts with compression underneath when all I had to worry about was 20*F-something and it being overcast.  Here, it seems like it's mostly overcast and your face will freeze off if you don't cover it.  I was running in the -* temps last winter and was still fine, but it's very important to cover every inch of skin, as much as possible!

In other news...I am EXHAUSTED.  Daylight savings is killing me up here!  I'm not used to the daggone sun being completely down at 5:00pm.  Just not.


Ginger discovers R2Clean2

Some Instagram luffs (here's ME on da'gram!)!  Gotta love a PROCompression sale and Sock of the Month!

Do you enjoy running in the cold?  HOW COLD?
-I'm happy right around 40-50*F.

Quick dinner decision, and you order out...what do you order?
-It's either pizza or soosh for this house.

Sitting in front of the TV?  What'cha watchin'?
-Harry and I are kickin' it to "Modern Family".  <3 this show.


  1. Who pissed off Elsa is right. GOOD GRAVY. I'm not ready for it! I was having enough trouble with the 40's last week!
    And any day that involves a Princess Bride quote is a good day to me.

  2. Chicagoooo! I've been meaning to visit, but am a total wimp when it comes to the cold because I was spoiled by California weather for the first 23-ish years of my I'm waiting til it warms up again (I guess that'll be a long time in coming ._.).

  3. I'm going to Vegas on Thursday, where it will be 73. Feel free to hate me!

  4. OMIFREEZER How do you people deal?! I am so totally impressed that you'd even consider running in weather like that...awesome gear or not. I, right now at this moment, feel like a total wimp! I don't even venture outside to run if it's not 60F+ You WILL be in my thoughts ALL winter long! Take Care! Bundle Up!


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