Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thinking Out Loud: Smile Edition

THURSDAY.  Three days away!

From my girl at 26.Yikes, who's also running the Chicago Marathon.  She's very inventive, but again, I would've used donuts for this shot.:)

AND, thanks to the beautiful Amanda...

I'm trying extra hard to stay positive and happy!  It's taking a lot to not let unwanted stress in, but I'm doing my best.  I've even gone so far to ensure 65 first graders that they're more than welcome to just go crazy next week if they're awesome this week.

That worked for all of four minutes.

SO, I gotta keep the *smile muscles* in check, as well as my leggies.  Things that I can keep in my head in times of need:

1.  Sophs devouring a homemade waffle after what appeared to be a hard night of partying.  Hers was chocolate chip, and Harry and I made pumpkin spice waffles...from scratch!

2.  Some awesome digs at Target.  I liked the price of the PJs.


4.  Tunes have been fresh lately.

 5.  And my 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes all adore the snot out of their new warm-up.  THEY LOVE IT!

6.  The weather looks lovely.  A lot can happen in three days, but I'm pretty sure that I won't be disappointed.

Also, I still have no idea what I'm going to wear.  *le eyeroll*

7.  My feet are still happy.  Last time I trained for a marathon, they got sooooooooo gnarly.

8.  Pumpkin Beer.  Even that Jack is smiling!

9.  This beautiful Chicago sky.  I didn't think that pretty skies existed anywhere else but Texas.

10.  What is ALWAYS a good time, and doesn't always have to be super expensive (especially if we don't need anything in large quantities) is taking Sophs to Costco.  Yes...Costco.  And yes...another one of Sophia.

I'm off to enjoy this day, just knowing that I have two more full days of work, a little bit of rest, and then a day of marathon funsies!



  1. SO much excitement about Chicago in the blog world lately -- I love it! Definitely sending you good vibes on race day :D And that vanity plate would make me lol too... I like it when people have plates that actually make sense, and not just some random inside joke that I spend 15 minutes trying to figure out but still don't get...

  2. YAY! ARE YOUR SO EXCITED??? You should be, and if you aren't, come find me, and I will all hilarious for you.
    I knew that Soph and I were meant to be best friends HELLO JELLY BELLY. And if you haven't tried O fallon's pumpkin, you MUST.

  3. This is not even my goal marathon, and my feet just went from GORGEOUS to really, really, really DISGUSTING. Sigh.


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