Monday, September 1, 2014

Marathon Training: Week XII

Y'all.  Six weeks from today, I'll have run the Chicago Marathon for the third stinkin' time.

*Awe has ensued...*

Side note:  189 miles ran in August.  Woot.

I've got my first 20-miler in the books.  I'm not gonna lie:  It was tougher than I had anticipated.  It was warm and humid out, much like my 14-miler last week, but of course, I had another hour of running ahead of me.  I stopped at every water fountain I saw, attempting to ensure that I could complete it.  When I got home, I immediately made myself a Recovery Accelerator smoothie!  We were out of milk, so I used half water, half tart cherry juice.  A warm, soothing bath and my feet up in the air was all that was left for the day!

Harry rocked out his 20-miler, as well!  To celebrate, we ordered some Leadbelly burgers (mine had bacon and egg on it!) with Garlic-Parm fries, and paired it with a honey kolsch.   Mmmmmm...tastes like recovery...:)

 Recovery miles on the dreadmill for Sunday (I walked the .1 miles for a cooldown).  My leggies didn't feel too terribly trashed!  A little stiff, and a muscle in my left quad is a little peeved, but that was it.

Afternoon hit, and we picked up the munchkin, along with her best friend for a sleepover!  I WAS SO EXCITED FOR THIS!  Sure, I'd run 34 miles in the past three days, but who cares?!  We had to hit up the Apple store to get my iPhone's battery replaced (in case you didn't know, if you have an iPhone 5 and the battery is dying quickly, you could get it replaced for free -- check here!), and of course, we HAD to hit up the Lego store.

Harry, after fifteen minutes with two munchkins.  Poor guy didn't know what he'd gotten himself into when he agreed to the sleepover.

We finally escaped took off from the mall and head over to Harry's parents' house for some family time.  Grill, pool, good food, and BABIES.  I snapped some uber cute photos of Harry with his nephew, Miles.  What a happy baby!

We got home, ordered pizza, and the girls showered up and hit up the game cabinet.  First thing they wanted to play with:  Jacks.  I was shocked.

Josi's Frozen Yogurt was a must.  A MUST. 

Two beautiful, happy, sugar-coated girls.

Luckily, we got home and the girls were happy to play with Play-doh and watch "Full House" before hitting the sack.  I was exhausted, so Harry took over for the night shift.  <3

Week Twelve Wrap-Up:

Monday - 45 minutes cycling out on the Lakefront Trail
Tuesday - 6.01 easy miles
Wednesday - 5K race (F^3 Urban Hoedown 5K) Not a PR, but pretty close, and pretty awesome for an August 5K!
Thursday - REST
Friday - 7.01 easy miles
Saturday - 20.03 long run miles
Sunday - 7.0 recovery miles on the treadmill

43.15 miles for the week.  A lower-mileage week than anticipated, due to a crummy, throw-in-the-towel run on Tuesday (which was supposed to be 9), and the 5K on Wednesday.

With school starting this week, I have some changes to make in my training.  Nothing outrageous; mostly moving a couple of morning runs to the afternoon, where they might have to be completed on the treadmill.  I don't like that, AT ALL, but it's what I gotta do!  

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some chocolate-chip pancakes to make for the house.:)  Nom nom nom...

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  1. The sleepover pics are so cute! What fun! Glad you got through your tough run. 20 miles, ouch!


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