Saturday, August 16, 2014

Thoughts About the Long Run [And Success at Costco]

This morning's run was simply wonderful.  It got a little warm (perhaps mid-70s), but I'll take that over 80-90*F ANY DAY.  I've trained for this marathon twice in San Antonio, Texas.  I'm not saying that it doesn't get hot here, but it hasn't been anything like SA yet.  *knocks on wood*  I set out around 6:45am, after having a huge cup of coffee and about 24 ounces of water with VEGA Sport Electrolyte Hydrator.  I rely on the VEGA Sport products lately to ensure excellent training sessions!

It was about 65*F when I started out, but I'm sure it jumped up to 70-75*F in no time.  I stopped a couple of times for water, mainly to hydrate for my GU/ACCEL gel (which I think I might prefer the latter).  I'm still working on timing and the actual nutrition I take while out on the long run.

I found myself counting down to something...anything, but mostly to when I reached the halfway point.  "Three more miles until I turn around!"  "Another half mile and I'm halfway!", etc.  The run home was still a countdown, but also to take nutrition.  It was strange.  I think I finally got bored?  Haha!  I ran through some sprinklers around mile 13. idea of my life.  I spotted Harry running on the other side of the street, just starting his run, as I was about a mile away from finishing mine.  I waved like a maniac and blew him a kiss, which he caught.:)  18 miles -- donesies!

I finally got home and ran upstairs for a smoothie.  It was warm out by this point, but still comfy.  I enjoyed my smoothie in a warm bath, which I prefer over ice baths.  Ice baths just haven't worked out in my favor in the past, and that's okay!  I think most of my recovery is contingent on nutrition.  And speaking of which, more #FUELYOURBETTER funsies with VEGA Sport's Recovery Accelerator.  It's delicious in a smoothie.

My smoothie contained:  
  • About 500ml of vanilla almond milk
  • About 200ml of tart cherry juice
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 whole banana
  • VEGA Sport Recovery Accelerator 

Perfect for sipping on while relaxing in a bath.:)

Harry got home from his 16-miler, showered quickly, and we were off to pick up Sophia.  We went immediately to Costco.  I WAS STARVING, so we went STRAIGHT for the PIZZA.

Luckily, Sophs hadn't eaten lunch yet, so that worked out very well.  Pizza and a churro...that's all it takes to make the Munchkin smile!

And a giant "Pillow Chum" Unicorn by the name of "Softie".  I'm going to steal this thing when Sophs isn't here.  Promise.

So, Harry and I made a plan before we went into the Costco.  A PLAN.  We could only get TWO THINGS (because seriously, Sophia could sell a ketchup Popsicle to a woman in white gloves; she can talk and whine her way into anything):  TP and coffee.  That's IT.  We teamed up and succeeded, even though both of us were still starving after the one (and some) slice of pizza.  All Soph was interested in at that point was "Softie", and seriously, she earned it.:)

I came across this article today.  It's very brief, and pretty inspiring!  Harry is the first runnerboy that I've ever dated, and it has been fantastic being able to talk to my BFF about all things running and endurance, and especially having someone to train with, even if it isn't on the regular.

"This suggests that sharing a fitness goal (such as training for a 5K or triathlon), taking regular runs together, ballroom dancing, or having a date night at the gym can boost the quality of your romantic relationship."

Harry and I are finally opening up that Super Bier tomorrow night after a short 5-miler together and hitting up Superdawg.  I can't wait!

How do you cope with the long run, or long training sessions, where you're all on your lonesome?
-I used to run on a road in San Antonio where I saw NO OTHER RUNNERS, ever.  At least now I have people to interact with on the trail.

Do you have a plan or a list before going grocery shopping?

Do you sweat with your significant other?  
(And by "sweat", I mean workout, run, cycle, hike, etc.  I like how I feel like I have to clarify this, hehe.)

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  1. Love me some Vega! I've got some laid out for tomorrow already. I suspect today was the better day to run, alas I did not. I think I may take to the trails tomorrow to hide from the heat. Caveman and I lift together. It's fun.


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