Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thinking Out Loud [Day Off Edition]

More alliteration, more fun!  Of course, thank you to the beautiful, amazing, insightful Amanda for hosting!

1.  In case you missed it:  I HAVE THE DAY OFF.  TODAY AND TOMORROW!  AND, today is a REST DAY!  MUAAAAHAHAHA!  Four-day-week-end!  *clap clap, clap-clap-clap*

2.  This meant that I got to sleep in and snuggle with Harry.  I woke up at one point (probably right around when I normally do [4:00am]) and thought to myself "I wonder how much longer I get to...HAH...nevermind!"  I hardly ever sleep in; I wake up early on the weekends to run.  So this is a pretty big deal for me.

A few more winks of sleep, and I got up so Harry and I could go on our coffee date.  I went in my PJs.

And oh, happy day!  Free coffee!

3.  We had an amazing group last night!  I ran yesterday morning, so I got to take pictures and chat with the group.:)  Fearless Leader Greg and Sole Mate Steph were out for this evening; we definitely missed them.  We did get to meet some new friends, though!

We hit up Bad Dog Tavern (which might as well become our headquarters) for some gourmet burgers and brews.  This might sound weird, but I think the tummy-portion of my memory is still enjoying the Bacon & Brie burger from last night.  So delicious.

And thanks to our friend Noah, I know what I'm doing for a good chunk of my day.  We got on the topic of old school gaming, and he sort of dropped a website mention where I could play a ton of old console games for free.  <333333

4.  Lunchtime is pretty much going to rock.

5.  Other than being lazy and eating today, I'm considering a walk to the local beer shop to pick up a bottle of "Super Bier" from Lake Effect Brewing.  This brew is a perfect pairing and a "HIYA!!" shout-out to a local hot dog joint that is one of my faves, Superdawg!  

Harry has been pretty stoked to get his hands on this beer.  You can read about today's launch here!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some lazy fiddle-fartin' resting to do!  <3  Have a beautiful Thursday!

...Pretty much.:)


  1. Hope you're enjoying your day off, girl! And about the old school games?! That's definitely something I'm going to have to look into -- I miss the old Nintendo days!

  2. Super NES music takes me back. I think that the original Mario theme music is emblazoned into my mind for all eternity, and I am ok with that. Have a fantastical day off!

    1. Harry and I start singing the old "Tetris" theme music when we're trying to find room and rearranging dishes and cups in the dishwasher.


  3. The Trader Joe's Mac & Cheese bites are my addiction!! SO SO yummy!
    Enjoy your days off and some rest time!! :)

  4. Your day off sounds perfect. I grew up a mile away from that Super Dawg.


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