Sunday, August 10, 2014

Marathon Training: Week Niner

It's been a busy (-1 day) week!  My legs feel a little swollen (mostly my quads and calves), but I feel great!  

A couple of roller runs out on the trail.  My run on Tuesday was probably the best; I felt so efficient.  

Some Yoga, which needs to be more like *twice a week* Yoga.

We found a great trail to run on while we were staying in Milwaukee!  10.02 miles for each of us over two days.  We were sad to have missed out on breaky with Harry's Aunt and Uncle, especially today being his Uncle's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KEV!), but we had to get these runs done.

Some good miles and smiles, in and out of the 'hood.

Week Nine Wrap-Up:
Monday - 45 minutes Spinning
Tuesday - 8.01 GMP miles
Wednesday - 5..04 easy miles
Thursday - REST
Friday - 17.01 long run miles
Saturday - 5.01 easy miles
Sunday - 5.01 easy miles

40.17  miles for the week. 

 Now I really feel like I'm training for a marathon!  I'm feeling great, I'm feeling strong!

In terms of nutrition, I ate and drank everything in Milwaukee this weekend, in which I will recap tomorrow.:)  With nine weeks left until the marathon, I want to cut sweets out of my diet.  I ate a crapton of stuff this past weekend, and really feel like I got sweets out of my system.  So, lower sugar and no sweets for nine weeks!  I took it upon myself to get rid of the ice cream and the peanut butter M&Ms Harry bought me today.  Needless to say, dinner was delicious.

This week's swim will be in honor of Shark Week.  Boom.


  1. Yay for feeling good and strong :) I love that you dedicated your swim to shark week, haha! And those trails look really pretty!!!

  2. Great job on the runs! Now it's time to prop your legs up and watch some Shark Week :D

  3. yay for a good training week. Always a mental release too, ya know?


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