Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Gloomy Tuesday Run

If the temperature had been any higher, this might have been a very miserable run.  It was about 66*F and 90% humidity (hello, Texas humidity!), so really, I got lucky.  I chugged my water with VEGA Sport's Electrolyte Hydrator, which I think really got me through the sweaty mess that was this run.

Nearly halfway through the run, and it looked like the sun was trying to come through the clouds!

Then it went back to gray skies.

8 miles done.  I never really imagined that I could get a run that longish (it's pretty far for a weekday run; not really all that long for marathon training) done before 7:15am, and have time to shower up and start work for the day, but there you have it.

Post-run breaky.  I nearly inhaled it.  It was one of those meals that you have to make yourself stop and count chews to make sure you're nom'ing slowly.

The sun eventually did come out in the afternoon.  Harry should enjoy that for his 8-miler!
(Spoiler alert:  He did.)

Lunch was during a meeting, so I didn't do the *weird blogger* thing and take a picture of my Amy's burrito with brown rice, Wholly Guacamole and side salad.  My co-workers already think I'm weird just by eating stuff like that.

After getting home and stalking some of my fellow bloggers, I had myself a snack before heading to my new favorite Yoga class.

Yerrrgahhhh!  Where Wendy (my favorite Yoga instructor) cheered me on again for my inverted shoulder stand.  I tried so hard not to laugh as the rest of the class joined in the applause.  Also, "Wild Thing" played during the class.  We didn't do the Wild Thing pose to it, though.:)

And a pretty view for a reflecting walk home.

I'm pretty sure that I've burned about 1,000 calories over two hours of training.  I'm not counting the 45-60 minutes of faux-wrestling during P.E. today.

But I did get extra sweaty -- wearing a gray t-shirt.  *le sigh*

How is YOUR week going so far?

WHAT'S FOR DINNER?!-We're having cheese enchiladas and brown rice (because Taco Tuesday can = any Tex-Mex food).

School's starting soon!  Are you ready?

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  1. The skies have been grey and gloomy here too! This morning was super foggy where I live and I tried to navigate through it during my 12 mile run- kinda fun but I do miss the sun a bit!


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