Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Um...ow. [And a Surprise Run]

Last night, Harry and I were making Cajun shrimp tacos for dinner (TACO TUESDAY!).  I usually use the proper method of removing an avocado pit with a knife, but I was feeling lazy.  Lazy?  Sure.  I wasn't thinking, that's for sure.  I took the knife I was planning on slicing the avocado with, and jammed it into the pit.  At least I thought it was the pit.  The knife slipped, went right through the avocado, and into the palm of my hand.  YEAH.  MY HAND.  Harry, who is quite squeamish, immediately asked me what needed to happen.  I knew it was bad.  In fact, I started to flip out a little.  I grabbed a clean dish towel, wrapped it tightly around my hand, and made a fist.

Luckily it was only 7:30pm.  We hit up the closest urgent care center, and I got one.tiny.little.suture.  :)  I spared you the yucky're welcome!

After not crying or losing it when the doctor was fixing me up, we hit up the Walgreens for my meds.  Since Harry didn't freak out either, he decided to treat himself to a couple of bags of Oreos ("They're two for six dollars!  We have six dollars!").  I rolled my eyes and begged him to hide the bags of devil food.  Once we got home, and after Harry poured himself a glass of milk and began enjoying his "treat", I decided I needed something, too.  So much for my sugar detox.

This bandage on my hand, and the one suture in the palm of it, didn't stop me from having a great time with my students in P.E. today.  I managed to get a good amount of equipment out, and work with each kid (some are very hands-on, and require more attention and TLC).  I do know that this probably means no swimming and no Yoga for at least a week.  Booooooooo!  You live and learn, I guess.  :)

Harry and I hit up the track this evening to enjoy a lovely summer evening run with the /R/iver /R/unners.  We have our Bastille Day 8K race tomorrow evening, so the plan was to take it very easy tonight.   Although once we got there, Harry informed me that we weren't running on the track tonight, but the trails that connect to this park.  HOORAY!  No running in circles!

The /R/iver /R/unners gang took off without Harry and I.  We were determined to keep our paces very easy.

The weather was so fantastic.  Partly cloudy, and around 73*F...on a JULY evening!  I'll take it!

 We finished up our ~5 mile run and hung out while waiting for the rest of the crew to finish their progression run.  Of course, I took pictures of their finish.  Bwahaha!

The guys were looking forward to a refreshing brew afterward, so we hit up Half Acre Beer Company. We ordered some BBQ from a local spot, Smokin' Woody's BBQ, which I thought was absolutely delish.

I held down the table while the fellas went to get the food.  Typical.  :\

In other news, the 2014 ESPN Body Issue is pretty legit.  Be sure to check it home...not at work...everyone's nekkid.

Have a great rest of the week, friends!  Be careful while removing avocado pits!  <3


  1. Eeek! Sorry about the mishap. Yesterday was GORGEOUS for running and it looks like today is too!

  2. OUCHIES! I would have had a minor heart attack...I do not do well with blood! Glad you're okay and hope it heals quickly!

  3. If anyone tries to take your ice cream tell them that your doctor told you to apply ice to keep swelling down. And if you get low....get another pint. Perfect size to ice and compress.
    Seriously, I am always jealous of your running pics. I want in.

  4. love Ben & Jerrys. Looks like a nice plan to run and fun running with a group, I bet.

  5. I've cut my hand that way, but it was with a bagel, not an avocado. Which makes it even more bonehead.

    Also ... thank you for that ESPN link ;-)

  6. oh how i wish i had your weather! wanna visitor? hehe sorry about the avocados. eek!

  7. Ouch hope your hand is ok! I've done that before with a bagel

  8. Double stuffed oreos = devil food.


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