Friday, July 25, 2014

The One Where Sophia Saves the Day

Did/Do you ever watch "Friends"?  All of the titles of the episodes start with "The One...", where, when, with, etc.  Today's episode (in my life) began when I woke up early and took off for a run well before Harry or Sophs woke up.  I got five easy miles done, where the air had that slight bit of crisp smell to it.  Makes my heart smile every time.  :)

I won the "Girlfriend of the Year" award again by picking up some breaky from the Dunkin' Donuts for Harry and Sophs.  Afterward, Soph and I chilled out while Harry ran and went to an appointment.  We were really ready to rock our day, putting up event signs for the ZOOMA Chicago race next weekend.  Sophia was happy to help!

Some lunch before taking off:  American cheese with mayonnaise on white bread.  Um.  What a weirdo.  :P

We took off less than a block when Soph calmly asked "So how are we going to put up the signs if they're at home?"

Holy Frick.

Harry and I laughed and praised her for saving the day!  Seriously, what a wreck that would've been!  We don't live far from the Lakefront, where we were placing the signs, but we didn't exactly live close, either.  So seriously.  The day would've sucked had she not gotten all inquisitive on us.

After finally getting to our first spot (Brooke from ZOOMA sent me an e-mail with all of the places where we were dropping signs; we went South to North, since it's wayyyyyyyyyy easier that way), we broke into the package the signs came in.  All they are is an event notice to cyclists and runners, that the race will be held the following weekend (August 2nd), and that the course runs along the Trail.


However, I noticed that the signs said "Saturday, August 1st."  I have never been more thankful in my life that I had my brief stint as a Starbucks Barista (MANY YEARS AGO), but still felt the need to hold onto permanent markers.  I had three in my purse (and I've changed purses several times since working for Starbucks; how strange).

We had to go back and change these, and all of the other signs after.  Sophia got to practice turning a '1' into a '2', so it was a good time.  We had to walk for a relatively awesome amount of time at some stops.

I started getting a little worried about how gloomy it was getting outside.  I knew we were expecting thunderstorms (which never came), so we hurried where we could.

One thing's for sure:  Sophia is now a master at throwing signs into the ground.  

We got home just in time for Harry to take Sophia to the train to take her back to her other house.  I couldn't thank her enough for being such an amazing sport throughout the entire day, as well as completely saving our afternoon!

We proceeded to order sushi (which I didn't take a picture of; just imagine a crap-ton amount of sushi covering a coffee table..that's how much we devoured), and celebrated "Christmas in July" with a Great Lakes Brewing Company Christmas Ale and "Bad Santa".
Favorite race course, hike, or bicycle trail?

Do you like sushi?
-It's practically a necessity in our house.

Last fun thing you did with a kiddo? 


  1. Kids are way more perceptive than we give them credit for, I think. Hooray, Sophia! The last fun thing I did with a kid was race around the block with my nephew, who absolutely loves to run. I got him a pair of real running shoes for his birthday last March and he wears them all the time.

  2. Please tell me that we are doing a Chicago blogger meet up. Please and thank you.


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