Monday, July 7, 2014

Challenge Accepted [Sorta]

Happy Monday, friends!

So this happened a few days ago.  I stood still for a bit, gawking at this once I was alerted by my phone that I was tagged on Instagram.  For one thing, look at Erin's form.  It's absolutely stunning!  For another thing, I haven't tried a pose that difficult (or at least I think it's pretty darn difficult) ever.  And to be called out?!  I only had one choice:  I had to try it!  Today was as good a day as any, as I really didn't have any training to do (Harry and I are running this evening).

BUNS UP!  I did my Sun Salutations (probably not enough times) and some general stretching (especially in my hips) before giving this a try.  I actually looked up how to prepare and execute the pose, and found this video; I absolutely adore this lady!

I noticed that I can barely do a forward fold with my foot over my thigh.  Guess who's going to be working on THAT a lot?  This was as far as I got in my first time practicing Flying Pigeon Pose (note the lack of extension in my left leg, which will require more of a lean forward).  For someone who is pretty comfy doing arm balancing poses, this one sure was a toughie.  Needless to say, now I'm very determined to nail this pose!

I absolutely love getting these notes.  They really make my heart smile.:)

I'm definitely going to recap the best parts of my day when I go to bed!  I've been making an active effort lately to be more grateful for everything and anything I can possibly think of (THANK YOU, READERS!).  (See?)
Any plans for the week?  VACAY?

Janae @ Hungry Runner Girl blogged today about kicking (her) sugar addiction.  She asked if her readers would join her.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED (FOR REAL)!  Are you down to join us?

Y'all be sure to check out this excellent post from the Crazy Cotters at Cotter Crunch regarding race day hydration, supplied by the Kiwi himself!  Race day advice coming from a professional triathlete?  I'll take it.  :)  Do you have any race day hydration and/or nutrition tips?  Let's hear 'em!


  1. Ooooh good luck with that flying pigeon. I know I'd be struggling with that one! Yeah I'm ready to kick the darn sugar too.

  2. Um Erin's flying pigeon.....flawless. I've tried it once, I really need to work on building more strength before I go for it again. But dude, you're getting there!
    Sugar is my life. The rest is just details.


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