Sunday, June 15, 2014

Marathon Training - Week One

First and foremost, Happy Father's Day!  Erica at Erica Finds... wrote THIS POST, highlighting some really wonderful advice that fellow bloggers were given by their Dads, including mine!  It's one of the most lovely things I've ever read!  Go check it out!  :)

Here's me and my Daddio!  He is, hands down, the best Superhero of my life -- always and forever looking out for me, and the highest of expectations for every man on the planet.  Harry's really up there.  :)

Running with me in my very first 5K!

I got to talk to him during my long run this morning, and we chatted for about 2.5 miles.  Talk about a great way to spend the morning!
And now for the wrap-up...

This has been the laziest week of my life, I swear.  I had the whole week off from work, and while I thought that'd be awesome and relaxing, it seems like all I did was relax!

So much for one of the thousands of many mantras I've adopted for this whole 18-week process.

Week One Wrap-Up:
Monday - REST
Tuesday - 3.01 easy miles with Harry
Wednesday - 5.05 miles; five-minute intervals with the /R/iver /R/unners
Thursday - REST
Friday - 5.07 easy 'hood miles
Saturday - 4.01 easy miles
Sunday - 12.01 miles for the long run

29 miles for the week.  Not too shabby for the first week of marathon training.  HOWEVER, I didn't do Yoga, I didn't swim, and I didn't spin or cycle.  This will change in week two and beyond.  The fact is that even though I ran, I was LAZY.  I truly embraced the whole idea of relaxing for the week since I was off from work.  I'm up and running again, teaching P.E. to the kiddos tomorrow, so I think I'll feel more active and structured.

Tomorrow is a spin/cycle day, which may be just me sitting on the trainer for 45 minutes.  My leggies are TIRED, and I think that's from racing, then long run, then a tough speedwork session, and another long run, all within a week.  As much rest as I got, nothing could really cure that type of tired.  :P

Just 17 weeks to go!  (no, I won't be doing a countdown, bwahahaha!)

Found on HRG's bloggie, of course.  ;)
How are you spending this day?  Are you spoiling your Dad?

Would you rather:  Go to the beach, or go to the mountains for a summer vacation?

Tell me your favorite thing about summer, PLEAAAAAAAAASE! 


  1. happy first week! it's always exciting, yes?! xxoo

  2. You got your first week done! That's what matters.

    I would like to go to both the beach and mountains, please. I'm looking forward to doing a little bit of both this summer!

  3. Aww, love the pics of you and your pop. I love that you all run together too :D My dad is getting over a sinus infection, so I'm going to let my mom deal with that ;) but I did give him a call and filled him in on the new job and such.
    You need to shut your face with your lazy week. It's as good as any of mine!

  4. Congratulations on your first week! I love that your dad ran your first 5k with you. Awesome!!

  5. Love the marathoner picture! Borrowing :-) and it's a beach for me allllll the way. Cause I live in the mountains. My daddio is in OK and I'm in NC so didn't get to visit. But we celebrated with my fiancé as he's becoming an 'instant' dad with my son ;-) it was a beautiful day! Excellent week of training!! Go girl!!


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