Saturday, May 17, 2014


I gotta say, I've got it pretty good.  I thank my lucky stars often, especially while I'm running.  

This morning's long run was absolutely fantastic.  I couldn't have asked for better weather or grander conditions!  After my usual two cups of coffee (which you'd think wouldn't be all that smart to consume prior to a long run, but I enjoy it and don't really have any issues with it [usually; keep reading!]), I hit up my favorite route, one that I've stuck with  for my long runs for the most part.  I can extend my run as long as I need to, since it's an out-and-back route that goes toward the Lakefront Trail.

Do you ever leave the house, know that heading out for a long while, and realize that you have to pee as you're walking out the door?  Yeah.  That happened to me this morning.  Two cups of coffee + ~40 ounces of water = peeing forever.  I got out near my turnaround point, and realized there was a restroom nearby.  There are many of these up and down the trail, but they've been closed for the winter.  This is my first time out on the trail when they were open...THANK GOODNESS!  I was nearly desperate enough to find a bush.  Seriously.

Everything is so green now.  The tress are filling out quickly and flowers are blooming beautifully.  It's hard to imagine that it dang snowed yesterday.  Haha!

My tummy really started gurgling around mile 10.  I was RUNGRY!  This doesn't happen all that often, but I think it started hitting me hard because I was running slower than I normally do for long runs.  I'm going to have to do some research and try-outs now with nutrition; I haven't quite decided what to try next. I ran my first two marathons with GU, but I'm not entirely sure that it's right for me, since I had so many GI issues.  Any tips, y'all? 

Just like my easy runs, I really need to slow down with my long runs.  I averaged a 9:42 pace this morning for 14.03 miles; VERY comfy pace, and I felt like I could go forever with it.  

I immediately cracked open one of these when I got home.  Thanks, ZOOMA!

After a shower and a nap (ahhhhhhhh!), I had a delicious, gooey tomato, hummus and basil sammich, paired with a Honeycrisp apple.  Harry had just finished his 14-miler as I was making this.  We had a very important outing to get to quickly, so I gobbled (and totally, completely enjoyed) this down and got ready to walk around the block... the grand opening to the brand new frozen yogurt joint in our neighborhood!  O...M...G.  We've been waiting for this place to open since last August!  We had both run 14 miles today so far...can you say...DANGER?...!  We have already decided that this will be our traditional post-long run spot.  Also, we've decided that we will come here anytime we want.  MORE DANGER!

Not to mention that they had a ton of delish flavors and combinations and TOPPINGS.  Harry and I tried most of the flavors, then committed to our yummies.  I ended up with the dark chocolate and strawberry swirl, creating a chocolate-covered strawberry!

We have a couple of errands to run this afternoon, including grabbing some foodies for grilling burgers out on the deck.  Just what we need after the glorious nutrition we've already had today, heh.  

The Energizer Night Race GIVEAWAY ends tonight!  Get those entries done and come light up the night with me!  :)

Do you have a special spot near your house or work that you like to hit up for post-workouts?

Any pre-workout nutrition you absolutely stick to?  What about post-workout?

Are you ready for the summer? 
-I'm not even used to having a spring, so I'm trying to embrace it before the heat shows up!  :)


  1. Nice going! Not sure how you usually do your long runs on just coffee, but hey, to each their own. And I have peed on the side of the trail before. No shame but shame. Nutrition is tricky but I would start with what you know works well for you if you ever have to run later in the day. Bagel thins and half a banana or some special k are good places to start. Good luck! and yeah, we were supposed to get a yogurtland downstairs in my apartment building but no construction has occurred so I dunno. But that would pretty much bankrupt me.

  2. I really, really like Carb Boom energy gels. It just works for me better than any other gel and I actually do feel a burst of energy after taking one. The gels include actual fruit puree and the texture is easy to eat even without water. I really like Apple Cinnamon but it's not in stock yet. I tried Banana Peach yesterday and it was good. I'd suggest buying the sample pack if you're interested. [link]


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