Sunday, April 20, 2014

I'll Meet You There!

Hello, and happy Easter!

Harry had a race yesterday morning, the Bunny Rock, that started and ended near Grant Park near downtown Chicago.  Since it was a half marathon, we decided it'd be best for me not to move my own long run, and run to meet him up there, instead.  The idea of running point-to-point is always a fun idea to me, especially now that I live in a city that has such fantastic public transportation.  I had 12 miles on the agenda, and we live about seven miles from downtown in a straight line.  The great thing about this is that I got to make up mileage on the Lakefront Trail.

It was SO gorgeous out...about 45*F, sunny, and the wind coming off the lake felt so nice.

There was some construction going on near Navy Pier, so I was detoured off the lake.  I didn't mind, since it's still a fantastic trail over the bridge.

I was basically on auto-pilot for 90% of this run.  I got a little anxious when my Garmin started beeping at me, alerting that its battery was running low.  *le sigh*  Downtown really messes with my GPS stuff, and especially my phone.  It died a couple of times when I was taking pictures.

I followed the trail until I needed to cross over into downtown streets.  I started seeing people with bunny ears and bib numbers.  "Thank God", I thought...I was going the right way!

No joke, I started getting flashbacks of the Chicago Marathon start while I was down here.  I got goosebumps.  It's so far away, yet seems so very close.  Maybe that feels more real because I live here now?  Meh!

I asked (what I assumed were) some Bunny Rock race participants (they were wearing their bunny ears and nifty sunglasses that came in the race packets) where the event was taking place.  They pointed me in the right direction and I ended my run here.  Just over 12.25 miles...right on the money!

I waited around for a few minutes...and when I say "waited around", I mean "made some new friends at the petting zoo".

I head up to the finish line to see if I could watch Harry finish it out, and hooray, I did!  Of course, my iPhone was dead again (it keeps playing opossum; it's not really dead, since it starts back up after several minutes of being off), so I didn't get a finish line photo.  I did get this one after the phone came back on.

We found a breakfast place after walking around a bit.  Harry treated me to blueberry pancakes and coffee, and I wasn't even the one racing!  Perfect post-run fuel, in my opinion.

After breaky, we found a Starbucks (because Harry apparently needed MORE caffeine) and head off to the train.  Look at him, running down the stairs after rocking out a half marathon.

The rest of the day was spent watching the Chicago Fire game, being lazy, and pizza.  That's a pretty good Saturday, right?

Y'all be sure to check out my page for race discount codes!  Yeah, I know there are only two right now, but there will be more soon!

Is there a scenic place where you live where you absolutely love working out?  Tell me about it!

Do you have any plans for Easter?  What's your favorite candy?

Random:  Do you have a favorite piece of apparel in which you love to do Yoga, run, or workout?
I love, love, love my new Nike Shape sports bra.  I don't have a large bust, but this is a high impact sports bra, and it is PERFECT.


  1. Those pancakes look legit.

    Point-to-point runs are great, but I rarely do them since I have no way of getting back home. Shakes up the scenery, though!

    Glad you both got in some good running this weekend!

  2. That totally was a perfect day. There's nothing like a good run on the LFP when the weather is cooperating.

  3. Isn't funny how the garmin is affected by certain areas?

    I agree. Those pancakes are serious business.


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