Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blogging From Afar

But not really.  I'm at the coffee shop just around the corner from my apartment.  :P  Harry thought it would be a wonderful idea to have some coffee and breaky together, since he's working from home today, and I'm off for Spring Break.  And yes...having some coffee with a cherry Danish and listening to some live music IS a good idea for a Wednesday!

Welcome to City News Cafe!  Harry introduced me to this awesome spot on our first date (when I was still living in Texas and visiting for a was the best first date ever. ;) ).  The front part of it is the cafe, where they keep Uncommon Grounds in stock, and fresh pastries arrive every morning.  The back part holds hundreds of magazines on every subject under the sun, books, editorials and newspapers.  They have open-mic nights and live music during the day.  It's a pretty sweet place.  The best part is that it's only a five-minute stroll from my house.

That fridge and pastry case to the left are filled with the most mouth-watering items that come fresh every day.  *le drool*

I had a beautiful run yesterday morning.  It's exciting to see little green buds coming out of tree branches and limbs.  After some downtime, I got to visit with Harry's family a bit.

This kid.  He was walking only a few steps when I saw him last month, and now he's running all over the place, multitasking!

Harry's Mom with her grandbabies!  Both of Harry's sisters have some of the cutest kiddos in the world.  They're all so close, both in location and kin.

After a visit, I picked up mine and Harry's bikes from the house, and then headed off to pick him up from work.  After months of snow and ice (thanks, Chiberia!), we were ready to hit the trails!  The first ride of the year!  Only we both derped and didn't really prepare much for our ride.  The sun was out all day, and despite it being 50-something*F, it seemed to be warm enough to go for a leisurely ride.

Well hardy-har-har...the sun stopped doing the particular duty of warming once Harry and I had hit the trail.  Oh, and we were both wearing shorts (I was in my bike shorts).  I was wearing a kit with a long-sleeved compression shirt underneath, and Harry was in a tech-tee.  Needless to say, we were COLD.  The wind picked up, and it somehow was blowing from every single direction.

This guy was seriously considered crossing the trail in front of me.  THINK AGAIN, GOOSE.

I was conflicted.  The faster I rode, the colder I became.  On the other hand, I just wanted it over with, so I'd buck up and pedal harder.  After one loop around one of our favorite trails, we jumped off our bikes, loaded them back up, and headed home for dinner.  Talk about wussies.  We had fun either way, so not a total loss.  We'll just be better prepared next time.  :)

This evening will be another fun-filled one of speedwork and a brew with the crew!  I can really feel the benefits of the past couple of workouts, and I'm excited that it's still going strong.  I'll update y'all tomorrow about the (hopefully) happy-haps.

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