Sunday, March 23, 2014

We're Home!

First World Problems:  Blogging with an iPad.  I have been without my laptop since last Tuesday.  The thing would fall apart at the idea of a strong gust of wind, otherwise I would have been blogging from Dallas.  We just got home to Chicago (where the temps are around 20*F), unpacked, and are getting settled (a.k.a. Harry is checking himself out on MarathonFoto and I'm watching "The Office", waiting to watch "COSMOS").

So I will be back on track tomorrow.  Tonight, I leave you with a gorgeous view from the plane.  And plane window schmutz.

Start the new week like a rockstar, y'all!  :)


  1. Thank you for your kind words on my post today! I really appreciate it :) I felt stronger myself while I was typing! I'm glad you're home and safe and all is well! I hate flying but the cloud views really are the best.


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