Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Off to BigD!

Blogging at the airport:  The best.  :)

From my run this morning:  I finally got to run out by where I work, a suburb that doesn't believe in plowing and clearing their sidewalks as well as Chicago. 

I love running out here!  Gorgeous!  As you can see, the moon taunted me. (Fat rhyme)

Most parts of the trail were covered by ice and snow still, eep!  Some parts were clear, where I picked up the pace like my life depended on it.

Can you see the deer?


Then they ran off...and so did I!

Ah.  Best way to start off the day!

Harry and I are enjoying an airport beer at the moment.  I'll be back tomorrow, pinky promise! 


1 comment:

  1. Safe travels! I swear the deer are prolific these days. A herd passes through our yard at dusk every day.


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