Friday, March 7, 2014

10 'F's on Friday

So.many.'F's. on this Friday.  I might stretch some of them, where you will find an * to signify that I'm aware of the lengths I just went in trying to find one more example.  Believe me...I am aware.  :P

1.  First song, on my way to the pool this morning was something Fergalicious!

Cut to me, doing the Charleston in the driver's seat.  

2.  Frick.  I soon realized after I had left that I had Forgotten my hair dryer.  And my brush.  And my tennis shoes (that I wear to work...ahhh, the perks of being a P.E. teacher).  

3.  Double Frick!  I Followed the directions that the Google was giving me to go to a gym that I had never been to before.  This one is way out by where I work, and it has a pool, so I needed to get there.  It was getting close to the cut-off time for me to get my swim in, so I quickly called the gym and got directions.  Off I went...still doing the Charleston.  That's right:  Fergie Ferg was on repeat.

4.  By the time I got to the pool and got in, I only had time to do about Fifteen* hundred yards.  Ah well...
3 x 500 it is.  

5.  Since I Forgot my regular attire shoes, I had to wear my (F*)Uggs to work.  C' you've never seen a P.E. teacher wearing them.

I looked ridiculous.  Not only am I wearing these with soccer pants, but I look like a banshee with my tangled, poofy hair.  Frizzy, poofy hair.

Derp.  All day, DERP.

6.  Famished.  I'm not usually hungry after a ride or a run, but I am forever ravenous after I swim.  I Found* my way to work (I haven't explored the town in which I work, hah), and there was a 'Bucks on the way!  Mmmmm reduced-fat turkey bacon sammich, and an organic banana from home, and a vente bold drip.  Bring it on, Friday!

7.  After Fiddle-Fartin' around and having a Fantastic day at work (I had to sub in a classroom for most of the day, but got a break in the afternoon to play in the P.E. my Uggs), I head home and FINALLY got my hair cut and done.  It has been months.  I immediately apologized to my girl, Mirsa, for the state of my hair.  :\  

8.  Forward Fold for the #SweatHappyWithYoga challenge for Day 7!

9.  "You Can Become Bold and Fearless", by Joyce Meyer.

10.  Falling asleep...just sitting here at my computer and watching "The Simpsons".  I'm off to bed to Follow*-up with my 3030 Challenge!

Farewell (I said "10", I'm sticking with 10) Goodnight, Goobers!  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. haha... I need a haircut too! LOVED this post! It made me smile!!
    also love Joyce Meyer!!

  2. I recently got a haircut but I still need one because the stylist FAILED! Haha!


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