Monday, January 6, 2014

Long Run With Built-In Drills [Also, It's Really Cold]

I seriously can't stand the treadmill.  I just can't.  I lose my mind during a shorty three mile run on that torture machine.  The beauty [sarcasm] of moving from one place with extreme temperatures to another place with extreme temperatures?  I will eventually have to jump on the stupid thing for long runs.  I thought I did that enough when living in Texas, where the summers are brutal with 85*F temps and 100% humidity at 6am.

I knew that the sidewalks were going to be pretty crummy this past Saturday for my ten-mile run, but not bad enough to force me onto the 'mill.  It was only 28*F when I head out, so it "should be fine".  

Or that's what I thought before I went out.  *le shrug*  After putting on two layers, sunglasses, gloves, a headband that covered my ears, a balaclava, and the hoodie to my thermal top over my head, I took off!  Harry voiced several concerns about me going out (regarding the temperatures, the wind, the windchill, the roads, etc.), so I took along my CTA card in case I needed to hop a bus to get back home.

I got stopped at a red light about a mile into the run.  Normally, I'd either run around the block or take a different route.  I didn't want to jinx going down a different street, so I embraced the break.  The sidewalks were fine up to this point, but of course the corners were pretty ugly from trucks plowing the ever-piling snow.  I was hurdling huge piles of ice and snow at every intersection.  

Then I got here.  About half a mile further.  I did the VERY IRRESPONSIBLE, UNSAFE thing, and ran in the road (only when there weren't any cars coming).  Past this point, high-knees and butt-kicks happened.  Thank goodness I've been doing those drills for most of my life, 'cause if I were any more awkward while trying to work my way over the snow, I'd fall.  On my face.

Around mile 3.5, I though I might seek some refuge at one of the nearby trail systems.  Alas, this is what I found when I got to it:

Yikes!  Not even the trails were safe!  I kept moving along, getting the most hilarious stares and looks from drivers.  There were hardly any people on foot at this point, and I didn't see any other runners.  Ah well...I thought to myself "just keep moving and get this stupid thing over with!".  I was still leaping over giant snow mounds and tip-toeing or shuffling through thick, untouched snow banks. My quads were burning, my hips, ankles, and feet were aching from the tiny movements they weren't use to over this long period of time, but my breathing was fine.  My lower back was also starting to ache, presumably from looking down the whole time.

THIS is where I thankfully turned around and started heading back home.  Ughhhhh!

All in all, a good run.  I'm happy that I moved it from Sunday to Saturday, considering this is how Saturday night ended up, and what I woke up to Sunday morning.

 The rest of the weekend was filled with "30 Rock" on Netflix and football.  I made ribs Sunday evening, pairing it with some of the leftover black-eyed peas and a Shiner Bock.  Harry LOVES these ribs!  He paired his with a Great Lakes Christmas Ale..

The meat just falls off the bone!  I'd like to think that it really sealed our easy Sunday, and my winter break.

However, I am celebrating my very first snow day in Chicago today!  I got the text late last night that my school was going to close for the day.  Yep.  It's cold.  Really, really cold.  With -(NEGATIVE)45*F windchill, I'm celebrating by staying in my PJs.  All day.  :D



  1. you're crazy. send ribs, and i'll send blue bell. :)

    1. YOU GOT IT! And in these temps, you could just send the ice cream in regular USPS. =D

  2. OMG those ribs look soooo delicious! You are crazy awesome...that looks wayyyyy too cold for me to even leave the house, let alone run! You go!

  3. I was running today in snow and ice. I kept thinking how every one of my friends, across the US are out here getting it done, regardless of the weather. It's crazy, but I felt a kinship with every runner in America. We're all in it together. :)

    I highly recommend Cheap and will save you falls on the ice. I even race in them.

    1. Does that mean that we're all going to the same Funny Farm? (Ha ha, ho ho, hee hee, ha haaa!)

      I'm checking those out as an option! Perhaps these, plus some comfy gore-tex-esque trail shoes will do the trick. ;)

  4. At first, I thought the ribs were an enchilada.

    I can't even run in snow like that without running an 11 mm pace!

    1. You've got enchiladas on the brain!

      Ugh. It's weird...sometimes feels like running in sand!

  5. OH MY GOSH!! Those sidewalks look so dangerous. You're a tough cookie. I would definitely have been on the treadmill. You're a rockstar. Your place looks so comfy and cozy! I just want to sit on that chair and curl up with some hot cocoa and a book.


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