Sunday, January 19, 2014

12 in 12 [And Then It Snowed Some More]

Yesterday's long run was FAN-TAST-IC!  I'm just happy that I got it done before another round of snow worked its way into the area.  I recently changed my long runs from Sunday to Saturday, and ohhhhhh the difference it has made!  I don't feel pressure Saturday night, or during a run on Sunday where I should be getting back to Soph and Harry to make breakfast (they are completely capable of this themselves, but I'd rather bake or cook with the six year-old).  Now, I get to have my entire Sunday to relax, clean, have fun, whatever I want!

So, onto my Saturday long run (I still love saying a goober).  As I said, I knew I needed to get my booty out on the road before the snowstorm blew into town.  It was 12*F and overcast, but very little wind (at the beginning).  The sky was so gray!  I was very happy to see that the sidewalks were relatively clear of ice and snow.  I didn't have to worry about my footing or looking down the whole time.  The only thing that stinks a little bit about this route is that it's basically all city blocks, with traffic lights.  I've been pretty good about circling the block or running to the next light down the block and crossing over.  I was surprised that there weren't more people walking, but I saw so many runners!  I even saw some runners in shorts.  Show-offs.

Around mile 4, I got to Welles Park.  It's a very pretty park with plenty of activities and trails, although they aren't very well maintained.  I slipped and fell on a huge patch of ice just before taking this picture.  Oh the lengths I'll go to just take a pretty picture.

"Ow, ow, ow..."  I could feel the bruises forming on the inside of my left knee and the outside of my right shin.  I was just hoping that the pain would stop once I started up again, and that it wasn't serious.

After a few minutes of running, I completely forgot about the fall.  I got near the Lakefront Trail a few miles later.  I could feel the wind picking up off the Lake, and though I'm pretty sure it started getting colder, it was most likely the breeze.  I had realized at this juncture that I had been singing to myself for a long while.  Thank goodness for the "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack!  This is a great way to keep "conversation pace" during an LSD or long run if you're going solo.

And even though I had already reached my halfway point, I ventured out onto the Lakefront Trail.  I will be doing a lot of long runs out there, especially the 20+ milers that are coming up pretty soon.


*le sigh*  18 miles of mostly uninterrupted trail.  I can't wait!  The closest thing I've had to anything like that in Texas is the trail around Town Lake/Ladybird Lake, and White Rock Lake, which are both 9-10 mile loops.

I begrudgingly left the beautiful trail and started to head back home; I was already over in out-and-back mileage.  I figured a slow walking cooldown wouldn't hurt!  Now I was facing some wind while I worked my way back home.  My lips and face felt like they were chapping.  I started spotting a few flurries and knew that I should be getting back soon.  I hit 12.26 miles and decided to walk the rest of the way home (less than a mile).  I just enjoyed my neighborhood and the soft, tiny flurries that were starting to fall.

After devouring downing inhaling nom'ing a couple of slices of leftover Giordano's pizza and showering, I looked outside to see that THIS had already happened!

Sophia wanted to help clear the sidewalks.  What a helpful kiddo! 

Then we hit up the park for snow angels, snow slides, and "GET DADDY!" funsies!

We finally got back inside the house and warmed up with some hot chocolate.  We ended our afternoon with a mani-pedi (which was a Christmas gift from my Mom and Daddio for Sophs) and my (soon-to-be) birthday dinner (thanks, Sophs!).

Y'all have a wonderful Sunday!  I believe I'm going to end it with some home-Yoga.  :)

Do you like to get your run out of the way on the weekends, or do you prefer to savor and rest before getting training done?


  1. Sophs is a beauty.

    You're my running inspiration. I like that you just get out there and get it done, like Alex.

    1. Oh my gooses. Seriously. <3 You're looking to do Sunburst, right?

  2. Great job there my Texas friend! I am amazed you can run in those cold temps. Much respect!

    1. Thanks, Chris! I'm more amazed that I don't fall down more often, but the temps don't really bother me that much. It's humid enough to keep my lungs from burning, and I sometimes get overheated (believe it or not, lol). The snow can make things very difficult, but I think that it all helps in the (pardon the pun) *long run*.

  3. I am sorry if I've mentioned it before, and I'm repeating myself. (Shit happens when you get old). I highly recommend They screw into your shoes and are MUCH better than sheet metal screws that some people wear. Just find an older but still useable pair of running shoes. I even race in the spikes.

    btw: I love my Saturday morning bike/runs and then my sunday am long runs. For awhile, I was doing my long workouts on Fridays, but in the winter...I love sleeping in and doing my stuff whenever I feel like it.

  4. I love looking at all of your Chicago pictures. Believe it or not, I miss it! I wouldn't necessarily move back, but I LOVE that city. :) What neighborhood do you live in?

    I have spent countless hours on that lakefront path...


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