Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Training and Taco Tuesday!

Since I've moved here (a little over a month ago), my training and diet have been less consistent than desired.  I've somehow just gotten lazy.  Does that have anything to do with not having to actually be anywhere at a set time, maybe a lack of a schedule?  I don't mean to make excuses, so don't get me wrong.  It feels more like a chore to lace up when there isn't an urgent urgency about it.  How sad!  I've changed my way of thinking after looking at the scale over the past few days, and I'm ready to go back into full mode training!  I NEED to be, not just for the future hopeful PRs in races that I have coming up, but for my own mental well-being.

This morning, I actually rolled out of bed super early (just like I used to!), had a yummy cup of coffee, and head out into what appeared to be looming stormy weather.  I'm not going to say that I'm used to humidity...I'm not sure ANYONE ever gets "used to" it...but 70*F and 90% humidity didn't bother me nearly as much as it used to when I lived in San Antonio.  I fear that it's a different *type* of humidity.  Can that actually happen?  At any rate, a shorty ~3.4 mile romp to the park and back, and I was sweating from everywhere (now THIS I'm used to!).

After a full day of keeping myself busy with errands and domestic blahs, my guy got home and it was HIS night to cook!  Since I got here, and since Harry and I are extreme tradition people, we have Taco Tuesday on the regular.  We've managed to have some spectacular tacos so far, all different kinds!  Tonight though, he kept it basic.  ;)  Hehe, yeah...we're the healthiest...not.

All-in-all, a fantastically productive day!  I'm snuggling up to watch a scary flick with the man, so y'all have a pleasant evening!


  1. I can get behind taco Tuesday! You're fitting in to the windy city quite nicely. =)

    1. I could say the same for you and your new abode! Except for the brown water situation...*le headshake*

    2. The brown water cleared itself up!


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